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Food Service Dishroom Staff
Job Code:2017-ANTBCC-EE-003
Location:Camp Kulaqua (CC)
FT/PT Status:Seasonal

Camp Kulaqua is a Christian Retreat and Conference Center, as well as dynamic Youth camp, located on 700 plus acres surrounding the Hornsby Spring in High Springs, Florida.

Job Summary:
Responsible for the cleaning of all dishes, silverware, glasses, pots and pans, etc. as needed. Cleaning and maintaining of dish machine, sinks and other equipment used for Dishroom.  Additionally, responsible for the stocking of the drink stations and trash areas, can include heavy lifting up to 50 pounds.

Skills, Education, and Experience Required:
  • Ability to clearly communicate verbal and written in English with fellow co-workers, management and possibly guests.
  • Ability to take ownership of work area and assigned responsibilities.
  • Ability to receive and execute given instruction, both verbally and orally.
  • Self motivated and directed.

Job Responsibilities:
  • Take out trash from kitchen and dining room to dumpster.
  • Making sure that dumpster lids are closed after use.
  • Help put away supplies upon deliveries.
  • Storing by date of product. First in first out.
  • Clean up spillage in kitchen or dining room.
  • Mop pink trash area after each meal.
  • Maintain drink stations with ice and drink supplies during meals and maintain cleanliness for drink station at all times.
  • Mop and clean behind drink station.
  • Clean nozzles and flush the drains with hot water daily.
  • Assist in set-up, tear-down and clean-up of meals including banquets or other special meals in cafeteria or other locations.
  • Assist with service when needed.
  • Sweep and mop kitchen and serving lines as assigned, after removing and cleaning kitchen floor mats.
  • Empty and clean ice machines, taking care to catch gasket mold and build-up on metal catch plate.
  • Assist in set-up and take-down of tables and chairs in dining hall as assigned.
  • Clean and maintain drain area at back door where drink bucket is emptied.
  • Clean and maintain sanitation of kitchen and dining hall garbage cans.
  • Deep clean equipment and kitchen area according to schedule.